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new cross-body bag colors

Woohoo, cross-body bags got a makeover! Check out the new colors.

new little purse

We’re thrilled to launch our new little purse! Light as air and cute to boot, it’s a perfect crossbody companion day and night.

up north

“Product testing” on the Northern CA coast. The backpack sure passed! And so did the scenery.

From ferns & forests to waves & caves, we were in awe of all the beauty.

ornament round-up

Packing up holiday decorations at the start of the New Year can be quite the task. We’ve found that our produce bags are a handy hideaway for loose ornaments and tinsel.

The bags even handle those those pesky string lights like champs. We’re all packed up and ready for next year!

looking back on 2015

What a great year. Brimming with adventures, press, and new bags, 2015 has been a blast. Here's a little of what we've been up to.

new reusable bulk bags

We’re excited to launch our new bulk bags! A great new home for all your favorite bulk foods, finally we can shop fully plastic free. Pastas in all shapes and sizes, wild rice, and beans galore, here we come!

ny now finds

Here’s the roundup of some of our favorites from the NYNow show.

These beautiful planters and watering cans by Light + Ladder are like nothing we’ve seen before. Inspired by the simplicity of nature and geometry of cities, these functional art pieces are designed in Brooklyn, NY, and have a stoic playfulness that we just love.

Not only are these lamp shades made from recycled felt, they attach to their stand with a magnetic snap! Pablo who designed the lamps, wanted to give users the ability to move their lighting around to fit the moment. Useful or not, it’s a pretty fun detail.

Nowadays, wooden shoes doesn’t only mean dutch clogs. Aside from the leather accents, these shoes are made primarily from wood! The “fabric” is made from woven strands of cedar and silk, creating a delicate texture and beautiful pattern.

donkey & goat winery

We’re lucky to have a winery right in our backyard. Donkey & Goat owners Tracey and Jared were kind enough to give us a behind the scenes tour.

Donkey & Goat has a unique take on wine. Their secret? Simplicity. In most of their wines, grapes are the only ingredient. We were so surprised to learn that most other wines have 15-20 ingredients, and can contain up to 420 chemicals without any mention on the label.

Instead Donkey & Goat focuses on the grapes, and has a precise process of making their wine the natural way. They own 33 sections of vineyards in the Anderson Valley, Mendocino Ridge, and the Sierra Foothills giving them more control over the growth & harvest of their grapes.

“Making our wines requires an artful approach, a gentle hand, and nerves of steel that allow us to follow our gut, even when the science might suggest less risky approaches.” - Donkey & Goat

At any given time they’ve got 26 different wines fermenting, and 5 open in their tasting room. Try some for yourself every Friday to Sunday, 2-6pm.

for more than just produce...

We’ve found the produce bags to be handy for so many things. Here are a few of our favorite uses.

1. drying wet swimsuits   2. growing sprouts   3. carrying snacks on a hike
4. making juice   5. backpacking organization   6. storing beach toys
7. drying herbs   8. making almond milk   9. emergency coffee pour-over

earth day field trip

With some odds and ends piling up at the office, we decided to take a trip to our favorite recycling center in El Cerrito.

This place is decked out in fun eco-friendly elements. There’s a rain barrel, solar panels, and they’ve even got an “exchange zone” where you can drop off or pick up books, toys, and other usable items totally free!

It honestly feels more like an urban park than a recycling facility. You almost expect to turn the corner and find a coffee shop.

ny now 2015

Here's our roundup of some of our favorites from the NYNOW show.

This glassware made by Nanda Soderberg is so beautifully intricate and delicate, it's hard to believe it was made from old recycled beer and wine bottles. By melting and fusing glass by hand, Nanda creates each piece in his studio in NH.

We can never get enough sprouts! Infarm’s Microgarden gives you the whole kit to grow them yourself. Inspired by origami, this unique shape is actually quite functional as well, as it keeps the sprouts cozy in a greenhouse type atmosphere, and then slowly opens up like flower petals as the sprouts grow.

These playful globes are made from paper! They come flat packed, allowing the customer to assemble their own mini globe. They come in different styles, including one with glow-in-the-dark dots measuring population density, so you can “see the city lights” of the world from your own bedroom.

weighs as much as

These flip & tumble bags make for great packables since they weigh next to nothing. See our bags and their weight mates below.

new travel pouches

We're thrilled to launch our new travel pouches. With a place for everything and everything in its place, get set to get organized for your next trip!

new backpack

You guys have asked for it, and now it's finally here. Lightweight and compactable, our new backpacks roll up into a pouch for ultimate portability. City day trips, nature hikes, biking around town - adventure awaits and here we come!

new purse

The inspiration for the purse actually came from our own personal need for something sophisticated yet casual, and simple yet functional. After months of development sweating all the details, it's finally out! Get ready to carry your everyday essentials in style.

new bags coming soon!

We're gearing up to launch 4 new products in the next month. Can't wait to share!

ny now favorites 2014

Just back from the NY NOW show in New York City. This time we were intrigued by unique forms and loved discovering their creative inspirations.

Busting at the seams, these candelabras by Souda are inspired by the organic forms of spandex. The candelabras are made of concrete using spandex as a mold. Souda sewed spandex into organic shapes and poured concrete inside. If you look closely enough you can even see the fabric’s seams, molded into the concrete.

Believe it or not, this clock is hard as rock. The physical dimples in the concrete create the illusion of rippled water. Inspired by radial geometry, the architects-turned-product designers at WIK simulated liquid on the computer to make the surface texture of this clock look so realistic.

These deceivingly heavy and sturdy vases were inspired by and made using bubble wrap. The artists at Craft Advisory formed a mold using bubble wrap scraps, and then blew glass into the mold, creating these beautiful and ironically fragile pieces.

Made of ferrocement, a reinforced concrete material, these remarkable indoor/outdoor planters are unlike any other. The designer, Robert from Opiary, was inspired by his childhood playing in the woods and wanted to bring a connection between the indoor and outdoor lifestyles.

harvest season

We're swapping veggies at the f&t office. Home-grown goodies always look the most scrumptious.

growing sprouts

We recently tried our hand at growing sprouts. All you need is a jar with a screw-top, some sprouting seeds, and a mesh material for straining. Turns out our produce bags are perfect for this.

Here are some simple steps in case you want to try it out!

1. Soak the seeds for the desired time (around 8-12 hours). See here for more information. Then drain off the water and let your seeds sit somewhere out of direct sunlight.

2. For the next few days, every 8-12 hours, rinse and drain the seeds.

3. That’s it! In 5-6 days you should have delicious homegrown sprouts.

sling fin

We're lucky to have such an interesting mix of neighbors at our Berkeley studio, everyone from solar panel fabricators, to vintners, to the expedition tent company, Sling Fin.

Here’s a peak at one of Sling Fin's latest.

We always love visiting Sling Fin. Every nook & cranny of their space is filled with artifacts of their design process, like these old patterns.

maker faire

We took a trip down to San Mateo this weekend to check out the Maker Faire, a world-renowned show and tell for all things handmade. We loved the limitless creativity and vast varieties of things that were created for the event. Here are some favorites.

Light-up blow-up playground from ripstop nylon.

This display by tapigami was made of 80 miles of masking tape.

Life-size spirograph!

cactus jungle + f&t

One of our favorite places in Berkeley to poke into is just down the street, Cactus Jungle.

Started 12 years ago as a backyard garden, Cactus Jungle now has hundreds of varieties of plants, sells their own organic fertilizers, and is expanding their pots and accessories too.

In fact, they just started selling our hooknooks and felt pods as cozy homes for some of their delightful cactus, succulents, and tillandsia.

If you're in the neighborhood, it's a beautiful time to visit their shop - the cactus are in full bloom, and they just opened up a new “greenhouse” space full of new gardening goodies.

traveling light

An e-book by Anne Richardson just hit the digital shelves about how to pack light for round the world travel. As so many countries are leading the way on a national bag ban, bringing your own reusables is a must.

In her new book Anne gave a nod to our 24-7 bags. She's never come up short in forward thinking countries where disposables aren't used. She's been carrying our bags since 2007 and we were delighted to hear that the bags are still going strong. Click here to check it out.

ny now favorite finds

We continue to be impressed and inspired by so many of the innovative products at the NY NOW show. This time we were fascinated by so many products made of unsuspected materials, challenging expectations and invigorating imagination.

In this booth, everything is made of straws! The table, the lighting, the sculptures. Patrick from  Jix created a cafeteria's worst nightmare, and a creator's best friend - a small plastic piece that connects straws together to make anything and everything. With Patrick's invention, creativity is the only limit...that and maybe your supply of straws.

These raincoats by  mau are made of a material commonly used on houses during construction, Tyvek. It's waterproof, extremely durable, and actually a perfect material for raincoats. The modern designs really dress up this material into a remarkable fashion statement.

Hand-carved with only a hammer and a chisel, these intricate sculptures are made from reclaimed 55-gallon steel oil drums. Made by artisans in Haiti, the weathered appearance and rustic beauty of these pieces shed light on their previous life as an oil drum.

Whoever thought paper could be such a good amplifier? Made of recycled paper pulp, this incredibly lightweight speaker challenges our expectations and preconceptions about what a speaker should be. With just a small amp in the bottom compartment, the sound is naturally amplified by the vibration within the cylindrical hollow space.

sneak peek

We're getting ready to launch a new bag, just in time for spring. Here's a sneak peek!

happy halloween

Wishing that we were still young enough to go trick or treating. Instead we dressed up our 24-7 bags to celebrate.

hop skip jump

We've been having some fun with the new cross-body bags, taking them on all our latest jaunts. They're perfect for biking across the golden gate, carelessly wandering around town, and a myriad of other outings.

ny now finds 2013

We're back from the NY NOW show, and with lots to share! We always love walking around the show and checking out the material, form, function, and craftsmanship, and how they come together to create some incredibly unique products.

You wouldn't believe what these colorful animal sculptures are made of...flip flops! Found washed up around beaches and waterways in Kenya, local artisans melt down, mend together, and carve these funky sculptures. The Sarut Group was exhibiting these sculptural pieces in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

This injection molded simplistic clock was so eye-catchingly beautiful, we couldn't pass it by. There's no need for numbers as the stairstepping shape defines the sections.

These unique air humidifiers are made of Japanese Cedar, the same wood that the temples are made of in Japan. The difference? This wood is less than a millimeter thick. Carved carefully and bent to perfection, the cedar soaks up water from the bottom vault, and the surrounding air becomes humidified as the wood dries.

All made by hand by four furniture-makers in Vermont, these kitchen accessories were beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted. Most were made from reclaimed barn wood, and others from local hard woods. Our favorites were the patchworked cutting boards that practically screamed bon appetit!

over the table

We've been busy here at the f&t studio! From production runs to getting inspiration for new projects, we wanted to share a little of what we've been up to. Here are a few snapshots of these different pieces of the process, all intertwined into a mess that we call design.

in the making | produce bags

We're again sharing a little more behind the scenes from our design process. This time it's the produce bags!  Click here to take a journey through the whole history of the produce bag, from initial idea to final details.

in the making | 24-7 bag

We're taking a trip down memory lane, and wanted to share a little bit about how we came up with the 24-7 bag. From inspiration to actualization, it was a long and enjoyable road. We hope you like hearing about it as much as we liked designing it!  Click here to see how the 24-7 bag came to be.

icff 2013

This year we exhibited at the National Stationary Show, and were happy to share the Javits Center in NYC with the International Contemporary Furniture Fair! We had a chance to check it out, and couldn't help but share some of our favorite finds.

Believe it or not, this is a hot tub. Weltevree, the design firm, calls it the "dutch tub", and it is a portable wood-fired hot tub that weighs only 165 lbs. We loved the audacious and vibrant look of the tub, and left their booth hungry for adventure....and guacamole.

This clever clock by Biegert & Funk speaks for itself. If you're one of those who struggles with telling time, this clock literally spells it out for you! We loved this modern, unique take on the traditional clock.

Molo is one of our all-time favorite design studios. Everything in their booth is absolutely beautiful, and is so minimal and cloud-like.

These chairs by Ergo Ergo are so playful and fun, they made the booth look like a jungle gym. And they were even more fun in use. Like a yoga ball, you can rock gently to get a workout while sitting.

We've always been a huge fan of the Random Lamp by Bertjan Pot. It was super fun to see so many at one time.


With summer nipping at our heels, we thought we'd get a jump start by making some juice. Using a blender and our produce bags as a strainer, we had fresh juice in minutes. Our favorite was a combo of watermelon and cucumber.

a day in the life

7:32 hit the trails for an early morning run   8:28 pack up snacks for work  8:41 hop on my bike for a glorious commute  12:05 indian take out for lunch  5:30 stock up on groceries  6:27 cleaning up after play-time  6:51 a little game of catch with scruffy  7:15 now necessary load of laundry  7:47 hanging to dry in the evening sun

new wheels

We're loving our new wheels.  Eva's Dad runs an art studio next door, and was kind enough to build us our new work table.  Best of all, the table is on wheels making it a snap to reconfigure our office.  Most of the time, we need the large work table to sort our our active projects, but other times, we just want some open space, and away the table goes.  Eva pointed out that we even have enough open space now to do a cartwheel.

picking colors

Picking colors for our latest project.   Hmm, Pantone 383C , 382C or maybe 324C?   How will we ever pick from so many pretty colors.

product pairings

With the holidays just around the corner, we're scurrying to put together just the right gifts. This year, we're doing our best to pair off the shelf products with a handmade element to lend a personal touch. Here are three that are sure to delight while wowing the receiver with your amazing handiwork.

1.  felt pod planter + small succulent
Easy and green! Plant a small succulent in a f&t felt pod for a soft and lively gift.

2.  hooknook + a pair of mittens
For those of you that are a bit more ambitious, get out your knitting needles for this handcrafted pair that's sure to keep cold fingers warm this winter.

3.  a set of produce bags + favorite recipe
Add a bit of cheer to the weekly grocery trip with a set of produce bags. Couple that with some culinary inspiration from a secret family recipe.

happy halloween

TRICK or TREAT!!! With a little paint and some magic, our pumpkins are dressed up for a fun Halloween.

sf bag ban

We love using re-usable bags to go shopping, bring lunch to work, or carry clothes to the gym. It makes life easier by keeping everything in one tidy place! Bans on plastic bags are sweeping the country and have been implemented in over 49 cities around the nation with our home town of San Francisco joining the movement this month. At the beginning of October, San Francisco instituted a new plastic bag ban on all retailers in San Francisco County, a pretty significant step in taking on its goal of being a zero-waste city by 2020.

With the new plastic bag ban in effect, paper bags are now used in place of plastic bags from grocery stores, restaurants and retailers, big and small, for a charge of $0.10 a bag. Given the water, energy, and natural resources that single use paper bags consume, we're hoping that consumers will skip the paper too, and move on to reusables.

Based on other bag bans, the outlook is promising. In Portland, the use of reusable bags went up 304% in the first year. To ease the transition here in San Francisco, the city is donating 17,000 reusable bags to residents through their multi-lingual citywide consumer education campaign. Hopefully this new ban will be a success and encourage people to consider their environmental impact while discovering how useful reusables bags can be!

Worker B

We’re back from the Atlanta Gift show.  Thanks to everyone that was able to come by and visit us!  One of our favorite things about the shows is talking to other vendors and hearing their stories.   At this show, we were lucky enough to have Michael Sedlacek of  Worker B pay us a visit.

With just 3 employees, Worker B has a really impressive line of bee related skincare.  Worker B sources entirely locally through a network of beekeepers.   Apparently, Worker B got it’s start when Michael’s business partner Liesa Helfen grew wary of working in the pastry industry, and left to help out at an apiary.   While there, Liesa noticed that the beeswax that she handled on a daily basis left her skin supersoft.   An idea was born to make use of the local contacts she had now developed.  She enlisted the help of Michael, and the duo got their start with bee based skincare. Here’s a shot of Michael proudly posing in front of his sign.

Worker B has a pretty short list of natural ingredients that make up each of their products.  Just 3 ingredients carefully concocted to make up their putty.

And could their t-shirts “bee” any cuter?

After our visit to Michael’s booth, he left us a nice surprise in our hooknooks.  Thanks Michael!

almond milk

Just found another handy use for our produce bags. I switched over recently to almond milk, and while I've been relying on those handy cartons, a customer recently mentioned that I could easily make my own. Turns out, it's pretty easy, and our produce bags make a great strainer for separating the pulp from the liquid. Here's a quick rundown of the steps if you want to try it out.

1. Soak a cup of almonds in water for about 8 hours.

2. Strain almonds and place in blender with roughly 2 cups of water. Blend until smooth. Add another 2 cups of water. Blend again until smooth.

3. Using a produce bag or cheesecloth, strain the blended almonds. You'll want to squeeze slowly to fully separate the liquid "milk" from the pulp.

4. Ta Da! You're officially done. I add a couple drops of rose essence at the end, but you could add vanilla, or any other flavoring if you'd like to. And what to do with the pulp? Check out this website for turning your pulp into other goodies.

earth day

It's almost Earth Day, and this year we're celebrating with a contest to raise money for the National Park Foundation.  The Park Foundation does some amazing work to help preserve our natural habitat.   Put on your wordsmithing hats and head over to our Facebook page to check out details.

Spring Cleaning Contest!

We're having a sunny start to spring, and with spring comes spring cleaning!   This contest is for those of you who are busting at the seams to show off your tidying skills.   Post a pic of your most organized area on our Facebook contest to win.  Winner gets 3 hooknooks just hankering for a home.   You've got a week to snap your shot.  We select a lucky winner on Mar 27th.  Good luck!

Please note that this contest is limited to the continental US.


It's almost v-tines!   Our hooknooks are happily hiding little surprises.

favorite things

After the New York Gift tradeshow we just attended, I've got the Sound of Music song rattling around in my head.   "These are a few of my favorite things..."   Needless to say, we definitely found some new favorites.

I came across COLORS, headed by Masaya Akiyama. They had some neat lego-like blocks made from scrap materials such as green tea, sawdust, or coffee, complete with subtle smells of their make-up.   Here's a pile of them just itching to be assembled.

What really caught my eye though was their wood and silk shoes modelled below in their new state by Yu and Shohei.

That was the before pic.   I like the after pick even more.   Apparently, the owner Masaya had his in pretty good condition for years until he decided to play a game of soccer in them.   Love the weathered, earthy, yet sophisticated look of these.

Just a few stalls down from us, Arian from OOTS just introduced these Dutch doll designs.   Not your run of the mill soft toys, these have a quirky warmth to them.   My personal favorite is the one on the right, but I find them all uber-lovable.

We didn't get a pic of these aim and shoot lamps since we were too busy playing in their booth.   Fortunately, Apartment Therapy did a really good writup so you can still check it out.   The on/off for these lamps with the remote makes a nice crisp "click" sound and the head of the lamp falling over seals the deal making this a ridiculously satisfying experience.

One of our most whimsical finds of the show came from Sarah at Cavern wallpaper.   They had a googly-eye paper completed with faces and other critters by passerby's.   We couldn't resist adding to the collection.

holiday tree

We got our tree up at f&t!   It's a wee one and we decked it out in pompoms this year.  We're thinking way ahead and looking for ideas for dressing it up next year.  Sign up on our Facebook page page to enter your suggestion.  On Dec 16th, we'll pick our favorite and send a red f&t bag out to the winner!

one more!

We had 5 lucky winners who figured out that we’re launching hooknooks, a fun new hook and storage device.  Just 8 days left and we’re launching these along with one other mystery product!   To roll out this next one, we’re doing another guessing contest.  Here’s a clue above.  Like in the pic shown, the product is food related, but we’ve taken the product out of context to make it a bit more fun.

Give us your best guess as to what the product does, and a lucky first five winners to guess correctly will win one (again, consumers only).   Goto our Facebook page and signup to enter a guess.

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guess again

It’s a bird, it’s a plane .. it’s a new f&t product! They’re almost here, 2 new flip & tumble products will be available in 2 weeks. As we get ready to launch, we’re running another guessing game. This time, guess what product we’re rolling out. We’ve taken a pic above to give you a clue. We’ve abstracted the product a bit to keep you on your toes. To enter a guess, sign up on our Facebook page.

The first five people to guess right will win one (consumers only, for all you stores that have had a sneak peek already, mum’s the word on this one). Good luck!

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guessing game

We're ringing in the fall season with a giveaway! We're enjoying the leaves, the crisp air, and the pumpkins, both big and little. Hope you
are too :)

Whether you're in the spirit or not, come join us for a fall inspired guessing game. Give us your best guess for how many flip & tumble bags we've got in the container above. We're not limiting this one. Everyone who gets it right wins 3 flip & tumble 24-7 bags. To enter sign up on our Facebook page and leave a comment. Guess before Monday October 10th, and we'll announce the count and winners then. Happy guessing!

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new friends, cool products!

We’ve been exhibiting at the New York International Gift Fair for several years now and one of most fun parts is taking a stroll to check out great stuff by fellow entrepreneurs.


d-torso had my all time favorite, I would love to have, product. Yup, it’s a life size cardboard cow. Not sure exactly what I’d do with it, but I really, really want one! They had a giant giraffe too, and smaller versions of everything from penguins to pigs. After showing off the line, Ayaka swung by our booth with her cat in hand.

I love home products, but furniture has a special place in my heart, and these wireframe chairs by bend definitely didn't dissapoint. The clean little graphics on the card make me want to collect them all.

And a just a little more of the furniture related. It’s cubo by cerno , a sconce and a reading lamp, depending on how you position the arm. As if the gorgeous form along weren’t enough, this little light-up is powered by LED. Beautiful and green. I also couldn’t help snapping up a couple of Cerno’s wood and concrete business cards. There’s something wonderfully tactile about these as compared to the standard paper ones.

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hug a tree

Hug a tree, save a forest. It's simple, from now till midnight PST on April 22nd 2011, snap a pic of you hugging your favorite tree. Post your shot on our Facebook page, and for every hug we'll donate a $1 to the Rainforest Foundation. We'll also be picking 5 lucky winners who will each receive 3 flip & tumble bags. Limit one entry per person. Get hugging!

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hangtag home

With spring underway, we decided to tackle a mini spring cleaning project to swap out our deteriorating hangtag holder. Our old solution, cobbled together with paper and a few staples, was busting at its stapled seems. Our new furry felt holder with colorful tabs holds a lot more and makes it a joy to put each tag in its rightful home.

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whoo hoo!

Our little 24-7 bags made it into NYMOMA. We slogged through the sleet to pay them a little visit during our recent trip out for the NY Gift Show. Like proud mamas, we couldn't help but snap a few quick pics to share.

short horizontal line
sunny day!

The sun has finally poked its head out to visit us! With so many cold rainy days in the past few weeks we were delighted to get outside and play.

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holiday tree

With all the rainy weather, we decided to take some time out to focus on some holiday merriment. Somehow gathering around to decorate a tree just warms the cockles of our hearts. Rather than embrace the traditional ornamentation, we kept it simple and decked out our wee little tree with pom poms. We like how they give the office a snowy winter wonderland feel. Our felt owl ornament keeps watch.

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littlest friends

Carry pouches: The perfect sleeping bag for your smallest friends.

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it’s a mini!

Mini-cupcakes, mini-skirts, mini-m&m’s.  Some things are just more fun, and definitely a lot cuter in their scaled down mini form.

We’ve taken all the same features of our regular 24-7 bag and scaled them down to come up with this mini-taskic tote.

We love it for lunch. Once you’ve gobbled up all your lunchtime goodies, it scrunches down to a wee little wonder small enough to stash out of your way.

p.s. - Thanks to Emily at our factory for sharing the pic on the right. Multiple minis most certainly make for more merriment.

short horizontal line

We were pretty excited to come across the American Design Club
at the NY Gift Show this summer. The AMDC is pretty different in that they’re a collective of individual designers each bringing their own designs to market.

Aside from their mission to help heighten awareness for emerging designers, we had to love that they’re a “Club”. Brings back memories of building treehouses, and secret initiations. Their stuff definitely lives up to the fun memories they invoke.

We spied bright poppy jewelry pieces, a neat blobby photo holder, and my personal favorite, simple, clever “yes/no” books.

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foodie photo winner

We’ve got our foodie photo winner! It’s Julie Thompson with her curly pops fresh from the freezer and packed full of summer goodness. There’s nothing like an ice cold pop to bring back those memories of lazy hot summer afternoons as kid.

We also want to thank everyone else who sent in their summer foodie finds!

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foodie photo contest

Ah, sweet melons, juicy nectarines, and succulent strawberries. Got to love summer’s bounty.

We’ve got a little incentive to make sure you’re taking the time to enjoy all the goodness that summer has to offer by giving you a chance to win some free flip & tumble bags.

1. You dish up your favorite summer food delight
2. Snap a pic of the dish in it’s full sunlit glory
3. Send it into us at by Aug 20th, 2010

Best pic wins and receives three 24-7 bags to match your meal. Make it pretty and eat well!

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ahhh space.

We've left our old digs for good! This weekend we moved into our very own studio space with a view of the Berkeley hills, and lots more space. Some of our favorite new things�

Thanks Eva's dad for our mitered cedar wall. We know it's just a wall, but we can't help but caress it every time we walk by.

Our handmade housewarming present from Emily at our factory reminds us to smile everyday.

Scrounged up from the as-is section of our favorite Swedish furniture retailer, our worktable gives us plenty of room to spread our mess.

Squircles are fun, squircle lights are funner.

A bright skylit window for the succulents.

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uber green

We're painting our latest project green. Check back soon to see what it is!

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Earth Day Giveaway!

Earth Day is just around the corner and it's the perfect opportunity to look around and assess what we're using and what we're not. Turns out, we've been sitting on a pretty decent sized pile of bags that's not getting used. Shame on us, but you can be a lucky beneficiary since we're running a contest to divvy up the stash between 5 winners. Just email us a quick hello along with your address information to before the 22nd. We'll notify the winners on Earth Day, and get a nice little package on its way!

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Sunny shopper

Since spring is in the air, we're taking this as an opportunity to take our newest bag out and about. It's the perfect excuse for soaking in the good weather, warm sunlight, and fresh grass underfoot.

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corrugated cases

Just finished gluing up our spiffy new corrugated laptop cases, just in time for our trip to Chicago.

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cute as a cupcake

With Valentine's Day coming up, we couldn't resist. We found the perfect little home for an f&t ball nestled in with these delectable delights.

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Flora Grubb

We visited Flora Grubb this weekend ogling over all their unique arid plants and beautifully designed displays. As you might already know we here at flip & tumble are just a little obsessed with felt so we were pretty excited when we came across these massive felt planters. They're fuzzy sides looked they were about to burst!

Best of all tucked in the back of this place is a little gem, Ritual Roasters coffee shop. With cups of perfectly brewed coffee in hand we took a seat on their patio and bathed in the sun while taking in the view of their vertical succulent wall. This is one of our favorite places to go; it's so serene and peaceful, like a mini vacation every time we visit.

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2009 eco-thrift gift guide

We've been busy in the studio checking in with our favorite designers for their top eco thrift gift ideas. We've got everything from gifts you grow to fluffies you sew, and we're excited to finally launch all the top ideas that made the cut in our official 2009 eco-thrift gift guide. Check it out and also look out for how you can score some free f&t shopping bags.

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SF open studios

Just had a chance to check out ArtSpan's Open Studio tour in SF. Seeing the artist's work was great, but more than that I loved seeing other peoples creative spaces sprinkled with little tidbits of inspiration, ideas, and other personal treasures. Seeing all these paints made us want to add just a few hundred more colors to our bag palette. ArtSpan's tour is going on for just one more weekend, so check it out if you're in SF.

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gobble, gobble, gobble

No, it's not Thanksgiving yet, but this pic reminds me of Pac Man. Keep your produce bag ready for action by scrunching one along with your 24-7 bag.

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fun theory

A theory we love and hope will spread. Something all of us could use more of.

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wrap it!

Start saving paper, scraps of cloth, bottle caps and other odds end ends as the holidays approach. Many of the things we throw away can be used for some creative and unique wrapping jobs come December.

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sunny seattle

Just got back from a great time in Seattle!   We visited Post alley to check out the wall of gum, it was kind of gross but a really cool texture.   SAM had a great exhibit, Target Practice, about artists who have literally attacked their canvases to escape from more traditional painting methods.   There was a neat piece by Yoko Ono, Painting to Hammer a Nail, where visitors were invited to hammer nails into a canvas.   A few short weeks later visitors began to hang up little notes and other daily objects, basically transforming the piece from cold and harsh to a more personable show of community.   It's always interesting to see what the public creates when given the chance.

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flip & tumble has a new furry friend over at bagsy it, our new UK distributor. Check out Woody's post on their blog!

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ooh! designer prints

If you've been poking around the f&t website lately, you may have noticed a couple new prints. We like to think we're pretty good with the design thing, but we can't take the credit for these. We were lucky enough to pair up with some great designers who helped us out. Marty-May Masek's a local, from right here in Northern California that is. The inspiration for the bike print came from the birds that flew overhead as Marty peddled away on her bike. We like her print because it reminds us that just taking a relaxing ride in the fresh summer air is totally productive.

Our second designer, Karoly, hails all the way from Hungary. Karoly is a whiz at somehow taking the free flowing, creative side of graffiti, and blending it with the structure and clean lines of typography. We love how it all comes out fun, a bit abstract, and completely modern.

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just in!

The produce bags are here! We've been on the road at tradeshows so we haven't a chance to give them a whirl at the market, but we did find them to be the perfect little totables for all the business cards we collected. For more pics, check out the shop page.

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loose lemons

Wondering what we've been working on lately? We've been busy reigning in those loose lemons. We felt pretty silly taking plastic produce bags, or trying to juggle a dozen pluots on our way to the checkout. Poor bruised pluots. Coming soon, we're coming out with a set of reusable produce bags perfect for keeping all those fruits and veggies together and tidy. Here we come, pluots, lemons, pears, broccoli, and all you succulent little pieces of produce!

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We're pretty lucky that you can squish, squeeze, drop, and smush our bags and they'll still keep tumbling along good as new, but for those products that need a little cushioning when they're being shipped, we think these Expandos provide a pretty clever packing solution. Made from flat sheets of cardboard, these little doodads go through a special machine to take on their nifty 3-d forms.

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super mini!

Off to tradeshows we go!   flip & tumble is heading to Altanta, LA, SF, and Seattle. Designing the booth is the perfect excuse for making little furniture and reliving dollhouse fun.

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lazy on a budget

Chock full of green tips that are both easy and affordable, we're definitely digging Josh's new book, The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget. We love it because'

1) we're all about being lazy, especially when we can be green and lazy at the same time.
2) love the green lazyboy logo
3) Josh likes our bags, and maybe it's the vanity in us, but we like people who like our bags.

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square + circle = squircle

Wondering what we've been up to? Well all work and no play makes for boring f&t'ers, so we've been playing with fun, colorful shapes transforming them into bold, modern prints for the bags. Lookout for a limited release soon.

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25lbs, an f&t bag and Martha Stewart! Check out the clip to see.

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meet our new friend!

We just discovered toddland and we're in love! A pretty impressive feat considering that it�s a men's clothing store and flip & tumble's mancount is zero. But how can you not love them? toddland's got rainbows, burros, kittens, and all things good. They've got a great website that we just couldn't get enough of, so we made them answer some more questions for us. Here are the highlights.

1. What's your favorite piece of Toddland clothing and why? - well its kind of like kids. you can't pick a favorite (even though its totally the jumpsuit)
2. Is there any piece of clothing you would love to sell on Toddland, but is just a little too out there? - nothing is too out there. even as we speak we are booking tickets to Holland to get some wooden clog rollerskates made. we are also in development on gloves that look like sandwiches. that way you can wear them and someone will go, "hey, put down that sandwich." and you'll "go, i can't" and they'll go "why?" and you'll go "cuz these are attached to my hands." sandwich gloves. they're the next piano key necktie.
3. Who's your hero?
- there's a couple...
- 1. you (or whoever is reading this answer)
- 2. jerry mitchell from the movie three o'clock high. microwaves his laundry AND a poptart.
- 3. charles. he's always in charge. unlike that low life lembeck.....
- 4. the two old guys in the muppet show balcony.

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Felt, 'bots, and recycled materials. Can't get much better than that. When we discovered that Joann's carries a felt made from recycled bottles, we had to put this soft, fun, felty goodness to work.

This one's getting gifted to Eva's new little niece Milo, but Eva was kind enough to share her how to's.

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colors are here!

whoo hoo! lots of new colors.

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We're superlate on this posting, but we couldn't resist posting it anyway.

We went back to check out the new space, and spied some pretty nifty personal statements.

---Lauren Milroy setup 30 jars smushed with random everyday objects. Lesson learned, wasabe in a jar, not so appetizing.

---Nifty furnishings by Peter Russo made out of the free stuff on craigslist.

---A night sky light beam installation by Joe Mellin. Pretty spectacular on this misty night.

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our story

There we were once again at the checkout surrounded by the comforting yellow and blue of good old IKEA. We were quickly jolted out of our stupor when we spotted those .59 cent blue bags and had another one of those, 'oh !@#$ I forgot my reusable shopping bag' moments.

Sure the upside of being designers is that we're good at sporting fun new kicks and usually we can pull off those weird thick black eyeglass frames, but the downside is that little things that don't quite seem to work rattle around our in heads bugging us for a solution.

Was the whole IKEA situation just a matter of shoppers getting distracted with thoughts of KLIPPAN couches and TINDRA tealights? Were we really the only ones forgetting our bags?

We started asking friends/family/random strangers more about their reusable shopping bag habits. We got some strange looks, but ended up learning that most people in our area owned reusable bags, but they just weren't getting used. They were too difficult to remember. There were too many unplanned shopping trips. Overall, it was just too hard.

Armed with a sticky problem, we felt that a simple solution would be to have a bag that you could keep with you all the time. For us, that meant that it had to be super-stashable for a messenger bag or purse, and it had to be stylish enough that you wouldn't feel like a dork if you were heading out for a night of tapas and tango with friends.

The design also needed to be supereasy to compact. We like our origami, but we didn't want to be folding any cranes after a long day of shopping. We played with all kinds of ways of compacting something big into something little, but ultimately took our cue from sockballs, those balls formed from rolling your socks and stretching the end over. Our final design uses a stretchy pouch that's attached to the bag and works pretty much the same way.

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who are we?

At heart, we're designers. We like taking those pesky, annoying problems, and finding clever, simple, and joyful solutions. We (Hetal & Eva) met while attending Stanford University's Product Design graduate program where we created everything from kites that flew in the clear blue sky, to pumpkins that cast a scary glow on Halloween night. We graduated and quickly figured out that the standard 9-5 hohum wasn't working for us, so we took the leap and started flip & tumble.

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