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    hetal and eva in flip and tumble studio


    Our story gets its start in a little red brick building, the home of Stanford’s Product Design program. We came with a passion for design, and left with a love for the process of sketching, building, and dreaming up ideas. It’s also where we got hooked on the idea of designing a line of bags that would really get used and more importantly loved. Great design is what makes a product fit seamlessly into your life, makes you smile when you use it, and gets used, a lot. That’s the potential of design, and we think that’s pretty cool.


    A plastic bag spared here, another spared there. Over flip & tumble’s lifetime, we estimate that our bags have replaced
    19 million (and counting!) disposable plastic bags.


    We know it takes a little bit of work to remember to bring your reusables. That's why we’ve designed foldable bags that compact in a jiffy and make it easy to keep your bags with you ALL the time.

    Now there’s no worrying about remembering your bags. Plus, you’re sure to find tons of other uses. Headed to the city and need to stash your jacket? Our bags have you covered. Travelling and need a shoe bag for muddy shoes? Our 24-7 does double duty for this. Ultimately, it’s a lifestyle change that you’re sure to appreciate beyond the green.

    drawstring bag by window


    We design our bags to last. We put our bags through the paces because we know you do too. That's why our 24-7 bag has a seamless bottom, our produce bags have double stitched seams, and the drawstring backpack does away with the traditional thin cord straps. It’s why our bags are all machine washable. We know little messes shouldn’t be the end of your product looking great. We know our bags need to go way beyond the grocery. So seriously - load them up with a bowling ball or two. We’ve got you covered.

     desk at flip and tumble


    When we first launched flip & tumble, we were producing in a small sew shop in Oakland, CA. We loved having our production close by, but we quickly learned that our manufacturing costs didn’t make it sustainable for us to distribute our bags at an affordable price. We searched extensively for alternate options, and 8 years ago teamed up with a factory in a rural area of the Jiangsu Province in China.   

    We chose our factory because of their shared commitment to high quality and ethical production. They’re the ones that make sure a stitch doesn’t get missed, and that our fabrics are super tough. We’re lucky to have a committed team that brings our products to life. It’s a pretty amazing process to watch, and one that always keeps us inspired to keep developing fresh designs that we hope you’ll love.

    worker sewing at factory