ny now favorites 2014

ny now favorites 2014

Just back from the NY NOW show in New York City. This time we were intrigued by unique forms and loved discovering their creative inspirations.

Busting at the seams, these candelabras by Souda are inspired by the organic forms of spandex. The candelabras are made of concrete using spandex as a mold. Souda sewed spandex into organic shapes and poured concrete inside. If you look closely enough you can even see the fabric’s seams, molded into the concrete.


Believe it or not, this clock is hard as rock. The physical dimples in the concrete create the illusion of rippled water. Inspired by radial geometry, the architects-turned-product designers at WIK simulated liquid on the computer to make the surface texture of this clock look so realistic.


These deceivingly heavy and sturdy vases were inspired by and made using bubble wrap. The artists at Craft Advisory formed a mold using bubble wrap scraps, and then blew glass into the mold, creating these beautiful and ironically fragile pieces.


Made of ferrocement, a reinforced concrete material, these remarkable indoor/outdoor planters are unlike any other. The designer, Robert from Opiary, was inspired by his childhood playing in the woods and wanted to bring a connection between the indoor and outdoor lifestyles.


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