5 reasons why you’ll dig compactable bags!

5 reasons why you’ll dig compactable bags!

  1. You never know… With unexpected grocery shopping trips, extra stuff to carry home from work, or sweaty gym shoes that need a place go, you simply never know when a bag will come in handy.  We know it’s one of the most obvious reasons, but there are all these little moments that we can never plan for, and compactable bags can simply go right along with you so that you always have a bag ready to go.


  1. A great space saver. For most of us, space is at a premium, and it’s nice not having your coat closet busting at the seams with heaps of bags.  You can easily fit 10 compactable bags in the space that fits one non-compactable.  It’s also hard to beat how tidy they stash, making any space just a little more zen.


  1. You’ll look clever at the checkout. There’s something about the magic of unfolding a compactable in the checkout line that seems to turn heads and get people excited.  You’ll undoubtedly strike up a conversation or two showing off your latest find.


  1. They’re a must have for travel. No trip should be without a compactable bag.  They take up virtually no space or weight in your suitcase, and they’re awesome for carrying essentials as you explore the town, keeping dirty laundry separated,  or bring back extra souvenirs.


  1. They wash up easy. Small and lightweight, compactable bags can simply be tossed in the washing machine and they come out like new.  Nice when you have muddy shoes, drippy leaks from meat, or just a bag that needs refreshing. 
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