How to Travel Light

How to Travel Light

We all want to travel light, but it’s tough.  You wonder if you’ll need something and sometimes it’s just easier to stash it along.  We’re here to help and here are 4 ways that our bag can help support your efforts, making travel easier and a little more carefree.

1. Pack items that do double duty.

Our lightweight bags make the PERFECT packing organizers.  When you’re packing, they make a perfect way to keep tops separated from bottoms, or socks and undies apart from other clothes.  Once you reach your destination, you can simply unpack and you’ll now have our bags at the ready for day trips or market runs.  Since our bags are light, they won’t weigh you down as you take in the sights.



2. Pack smaller options that still work well.

Having a bag on your next travel adventure is a MUST-have essential.  You’ll want to keep items handy to keep you comfortable as you head out and explore for the day.  You’ll want the perfect bag for packing along sunscreen, extra layers, sunglasses, and snacks.  Our bags are sized right with styles that keep you hands free.  Best of all, they’ll support you in packing light with all our styles weighing in at just ounces!


3. Pick versatile styles.

There’s definitely a time for that bag that matches just right with your shoes and outfit, but when travelling versatile styles are key.  This can be a backpack, crossbody, or shoulder-style tote.  Stick with more neutral colors and styles that make sense if you’re heading out into nature for a hike, or staying in town to hit the local museum.  Our range of colors and “go-anywhere” styles means that one bag goes everywhere and you can pack less.

4. Pack items that won't become useless.

This sounds obvious, but travel can be messy, so maybe this isn’t the time to pack your most precious goods that might get dirty and then become useless for the rest of your trip. Don’t let one little spill or a muddy excursion ruin your bag. Our bags wash up easily, typically with just a quick rinse, and dry quickly so they’re good to go again. This is something your standard canvas tote just can’t do.

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