Keeping life organized.

Keeping life organized.

I think we would all love to feel put together and in control when it comes to keeping our lives organized. Our bags can help a ton with keeping shopping and errands more organized. Kind of like the humble manilla folder organizes papers, our bags can help organize the stuff that needs to get from here to there.

When you’ve got a return that has to go back to the store, simply stash the item along with the receipt in one of our bags and it’s ready to go. No fumbling to find the receipt later when you’re rushing out the door.   Or maybe, you’ve got a few items that need to be returned to a friend. Simply stash them together in one of your bags, and you’ll be all set next time you see them.  

Have kids with different activities? Give them each a bag for every activity so that ballet stuff stays in one and soccer gear in another. This helps keep items contained together and ready to go. This also cuts down on forgetting stuff and gives you a handy place to pack items that might need to be added along.  

Need to run a bunch of errands in a day?   Maybe you’ve got a stop at the post office, a stop at a friend's to return some items, and a stop at the local thrift store to donate some used clothing. Simply stash items for each stop in a separate bag and grab and go at each stop.

Having a few bags stashed in your car can also make it easier to stay organized when you’re out so that once you’re back home, it’s easier to unpack. Having separate bags for your grocery haul versus the clothes you just bought keeps the apples separate from the t-shirts and just makes it easier to put stuff away.

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