The pros of foldable bags.

The pros of foldable bags.

Yes, you’re sure to impress other shoppers with your cleverness as you whip out your fold-up reusable shopping bag, but the benefits of these foldable bags definitely go way beyond the checkout.  

Once you have a few foldable bags of your own, you’re sure to appreciate how they just make so many life moments way easier. It’s something we often don’t think about much, but there’s a lot of getting stuff from here to there in life. Whether it’s getting your lunch to work, stopping at the market on the way home, or just managing errands and returns, it all involves getting stuff from point A to point B.

Here are a few of the reasons you’re sure to love fold-up bags.

Got a closet overstuffed with a bunch of bags all spilling out? With our fold-up bags, you can trade in that crazy closet clutter for a small bin or drawer that neatly holds several bags.   This also makes it much easier when you’re trying to head out the door fast and need an easy grab and go bag option.

All of this schlepping stuff is generally easier when you’re at home and need to bring stuff along, but what about when you’re out and about and need to carry items unexpectedly? This is where the fold-up bag really shines. Just stash one or a few in your purse or everyday bag and you’ll always have an extra “hand” for all that stuff in these unexpected moments. Stopping by the market on the way back from work to pick up some last-minute items? Need to stash some dirty clothes after a workout? Want to carry your restaurant leftovers without wasting a plastic bag? Your fold-up bag has you covered.

Got any travels coming up? There’s lots to carry around when you’re travelling away from home. For day trips you’ll want to bring comfort items along so you can stay out and comfortable as you explore. You might want to pop into the local market to pick up some goodies. You might be out and about picking up souvenirs. Having a bag makes all of these easier, and having a fold-up packable bag means you can still pack light all while keeping your suitcase from being a mess with bag straps poking out everywhere.

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