Tips on going greener and shopping plastic-free!

Tips on going greener and shopping plastic-free!

It’s pretty difficult to go entirely plastic-free, and there will always be times when plastics are useful and necessary options in our lives, but here are some tips to help minimize your use.


  1. If you haven’t already, make the switch to reusable grocery bags.  There are a variety of bag styles to choose from and best of all, they’re stronger and more comfortable to carry than their disposable counterparts.


  1. Go green in the produce section as well. Aside from ditching the plastic, reusable produce bags look nicer and can do double duty as a rinsing bag for produce.



  1. Purchase products that last. Products that last get a lot more bang for their buck in terms of the energy and material resources used to create them.  Think twice about purchasing goods that are likely to fall apart with very little use.


  1. Reduce your consumption of packaged products. Whenever possible, buy produce that doesn’t come in plastic clam shells.  Consider purchases outside of the market as well, and try to veer towards products with more minimal packaging when possible.


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