We're 12!

We're 12!

And we've come a long way since the old days...

selling our first 50 bags at the farmers market

- the first 50 -

We sewed the first 50 bags ourselves to test the idea and sold them at our local farmer’s market. We sold out in the first day, and took the leap to start flip & tumble. We actually heard from one of those first 50 customers recently, and her bags are still holding up - 12 years later!


iteration and the expanding line

- over the years -

We’ve iterated on packaging and color over the years, but the 24-7 bag is still the same design as it was 12 years ago. And it’s still our best-selling style! Since those early days, we’ve expanded to include a whole bunch of new styles in our line. Backpacks, tote bags, cross-body bags - you name it.


ethical production

- ethical production -

(Thankfully) we no longer sew the bags ourselves. We produce the bags ethically overseas, and have been working with the same factory for over 9 years.

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