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24-7 bag

24-7 bag

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The one MUST-HAVE essential.  You’ll find tons of everyday uses for this stylish packable eco-friendly tote bag.  It has an integrated pouch that lets you pack it down small.  Keep it in a purse or everyday bag so it’s simply there when you need it.  Handy for shopping, traveling, the gym, the beach and so much more.  This eco-friendly tote bag is made of the same light, but tough material as parachutes, this folding tote bag literally holds over 250 times its weight.  This extraordinary material can also take on mud, food, and any messes you throw its way.  These folding tote bags are machine washable so a quick trip in the wash, and it’s like new again.

These packable tote bags also make great foldable travel bags.  Pop a few of these collapsible bags in your suitcase and you're set. They work great for shopping, carrying extra layers, storing dirty laundry, and as a fold-up carry-on bag.

bag size - 12" x 14" x 5"
ball size - 3" in diameter (about the size of a peach)
strap length  - 27"
weight capacity - 35 lbs.
compacting system - premium stretch, rolls up like a sockball
material - ripstop nylon/polyester
felt patch - keeps the bag on your shoulder
care - machine wash cold, hang to dry 
weight of bag - 1.7oz 

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